Why Do I Get Pimples More Than Others?

Well, yes- the question is pretty common amongst the teenage crowd. You are not the only one to be bogged down by the question- why do I get pimples? During the stress prone journey of the teenage days, it is pretty common getting pimples.

It is a part and parcel of the teenage years. It is a fact that the rate of frequency differs, with some being more susceptible to those zits, bumps, black and whiteheads; than the others.

The responsible factors

Before looking into the leading hormonal swing that gives way to the zits and pimples, it is important to realize that a part of the factor is genetically driven. Just, checkout if acne had been a common issue with your parents.

If they had been similarly susceptible, you are more than likely to be affected by the bumpy show up of pimples. With the change in the perspective of the hormonal clock, the gland producing sebum is more than affected. The enhanced production of sebum leads to the partial or the complete blockage of the follicles. The process exactly answers your questions as to why do I get pimples?

It is important to keep the skin clean and free from the oily sleek

As you know, there are different varieties to come by, with different quantities of sebum production leading to pimples which are varied from one another. With the focus being on the measures of prevention, rather than the variations in kind; you need to be proactive about resisting the accumulation of oil. The buzzword needs to be on the oil free cleansing of the facial skin.

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