Three minutes to save the world

Kid’s are our future, and in order to help them learn to read whilst having fun learning the Let’s read tour has been created by a team of authors. The program is fun and innovative whilst at the same time being educational. It combines reading with theatre and encourages children to get into reading as a hobby.

save the world

Many children see reading as a chore or something they have to do at school, the program has helped many children to gain greater enjoyment from reading as well as improving their reading skills. The program also aims to get children away from computer games and social media by making reading more fun and interactive.

The creators of this program have realised that reading need to be modernised and transformed in order to captivate a child’s imagination. They have therefore presented reading in a fun and entertaining way by combining drama with reading classes. The authors have written a book called Volonians and have then, come up with an interactive play to go with it. Children can read the book, choose which part they would like to play and are then encourage to act out that part. The helps to improve children’s confidence and social skills, as well as their leadership and negotiation skills.

The team behind the program are planning to travel to as many elementary, junior and high schools as they can in order to spread the message that reading is cool. They have already tested the program in a number of schools with great success. Children have loved acting and reading in a positive, engaging and encouraging environment. Many of the children who took part have started to read more books and even act out pieces with their parents and siblings.

The aim is to raise $150,000 which will allow the team to travel for three months, to ten schools within the United States. About a quarter of a million students will be able to take part in the program. If you are a parent you will know of the importance of a varied education and this program will benefit kids on many levels. Give generously today and help children to thrive.

You can support this project and join them at: