The Rainbow Knight- Kickstarter campaign

The Rainbow Knight is a magical story which will delight and inspire children. The story has been written by Matt Robison who aims to fund the project through the kickstarter campaign. It has been illustrated byDarlene Segura who is a very talented artist. Children and adults alike will love her detailed pencil drawings.

The book is about a prism of light which is removed from the world making everything black and white. A brave and noble knight goes on a quest to find the prism and bring colour back to the world. This book is an epic adventure story which will inspire children. It is also educational as the story has an element of scientific truth behind it. There’s also a section at the back about how prisms work which will lead to additional conversations between adults and children.

The Rainbow Knight

The setting for this story is in a magical fairy tale kingdom, where lots of amazing adventures take place. The book has been written in rhyme and features knights with swords, talking butterflies and dragons. The author was inspired to write this story after watching his children looking at a rainbow. After reading this story children may also discuss how rainbows are formed and which colours they are made up of.

In order to finish the illustrations and pay for the first print run, the author is asking that people pledge their support by donating. In return donors will receive signed copies of the book to treasure forever. The kickstarter campaign has made it possible for many artists and creatives to realise their dreams and see their work in print.

The Rainbow Knight is Matt Robison’s second book and it is just as magical and charming as his first. It would be great to see this lovely story illustrated fully and printed. In order to make that happen head over to the kickstarter website and support the author and illustrator.

You can support this project and join them at:

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