Spreading the Message of Revival and the Holy Spirit

The documentary Revive Us is intended to spread the message of Christianity as far as possible within the local community. The objective of this small yet dedicated documentary film team is to use their film to spread their message.

Holy Spirit

The film makers believe that their message will help a great deal of people living without hope or enough guidance within their own community. Christianity though could hold the key to making life within the community considerably better than it is now.

The film makers that the key to reviving the local area is spiritual as opposed to been financial or indeed physical improvements to the infrastructure. They argue that the Holy Spirit is the key to reviving their area, as it will restore the faith and hope for all the people that listen to their message contained within their documentary.

The film makers are convinced that showing people a short film will be more convincing than just talking to people alone. Well made and well worded films can have a great impact on how people will react to their message. Their film will present what they say to people in church, or on the street in a more convincing way.

The documentary makers have not got enough funds just yet to make their film. That is the reason why they have posted an appeal on the indiegogo website, to receive donations to fund their documentary project. They hope there are enough generous people out there to fund their much needed project. They believe that the more people can see their film then the more people can receive their message.

The message is one that has not got any less powerful over the years, as they believe that the Holy Spirit can inspire people within any generation as well as in part of the world. All people have to do is to listen to that message and they will gain the strength to change their lives for the better.

You can support this project and join them at: https://goo.gl/WTJNWD