Save Accokeek First Church of God

Accokeek First Church of God is a community church that provides worshipers with an opportunity of praying and providing thanks to God for the many benefits and blessing they have received during the day as well as throughout the week. Located along Livingston Road, Accokeek in Maryland, Accokeek Church is inviting believers in the state to worship and praise God as well. As a community church, it is important to ensure that it survives for the next generation and even the next one, that’s why the church has joined the Indiegogo generosity program.


Why is it important to save a church.

To meet the needs of the community

The church is an important place in the community as it helps to ensure that every person’s spiritual, emotional and physical needs are met. For example, when one is facing difficult economic times whether in their business or workplace, the first place they turn to is the church where they get to pray to God. Even when one is facing marital or relationship problems, the first place one seeks for advice is from God, the church counselor and even the pastor.

It important to ensure that a church survives as it acts as a cornerstone in the community.

Provides a vital public service

How many people have been asked to pay in order to attend a service in a church? Churches provide a public service to the surrounding community. You will find believers who spend their day walking from door to door speaking with people about the God and the wonderful things done on this earth. They will distribute free pamphlets, booklets and even bibles. This is done to help those with no spiritual direction in life to finally have one therefore leading a better life.

Helps train the next generation

Every individual knows that one day, they will leave this world to join the next therefore it is important to ensure that the church continues to survive even for the next generations. Churches offer the young people an opportunity to participate in various programs which are a preparation for becoming the next church leaders.

It is important for every church to recruit young men and women to serve in various capacities since it’s never too late to lay the right foundation for sound leadership.

Support Accokeek First Church of God in meeting their goal on Indiegogo generosity to ensure that the community in Maryland has a church that not only acts as a cornerstone but offers a holy place for worshiping and praying to God.

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