New Monster Book and Garden Statues

Children love reading about imaginary creatures, monsters and such that are real only in books. Children love having their imaginations stirred by reading about pretend creatures and all that those creatures do. There is a new book that is being created that will have children very excited.

This book is something that is made in a way that will keep children interested and that will get them thinking up their own stories. The Wilybeasts is more than just a book, more than just a story, there are garden statues that go along with this, and it is a real movement that will get children very excited.


Children who read a book and enjoy it find that anything to do with that book is fun and exciting. When children read about Wilybeasts and then have a chance to display them in their yard, they will be beyond excited. Children will love having the characters in their book come to life. They will love having those characters around when they are out playing.

Parents, too, will enjoy having the Wilybeasts displayed in their yards. The simple garden statues that are being created are fun yet classy. These statues look like the beasts in the book, yet they are neutral in color and they fit well with any yard and lawn decor. Both parents and children will appreciate the monsters and all that they offer to a yard.

There is a Kickstarter campaign going on in order to raise the funds that are needed to create these great garden statues. This campaign is looking to raise the money that is needed to get these fun items available to the public. Those who think that these garden statues and the story that goes along with them will be a hit can help out by donating to the cause.

You can support this project and join them at:

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