New eco-brewery uses solar power to make its signature beer

The health of the planet is everyone’s concern. Wasser Brewing takes this responsibility seriously and is taking action by implementing a solar powered brewery to make its signature beer. Wasser is taking the lead in contributing to the betterment of the ecosystem and additionally, in giving back to the community. Two percent of profits are designated for distribution into effective educational programs.

Wasser Brewing

The Wasser commitment

Wasser Brewery owners believe in the use of sustainable and clean energy. The beer is slated to be brewed by using the energy of the sun to heat the water, substantially reducing the amount of energy used in the process. Solar power is a clean form of energy and does not contribute to the creation of dirty energy (potentially harmful electromagnetic waves). This creates a more green approach to the creation of the beverages.

The advantages of a solar powered operation are multiple. They include:

-less energy consumption

-cleaner energy source

-lower production costs

-cleaner environment

-sustainable energy source

Beer connoisseurs are invited to be a part of this intriguing project. Donations to further the development of this brewery are a step towards improving the balance of the ecosystem and providing beer at a lower cost to patrons.

Where they’re at in the process

“We have completed the necessary filing and are awaiting federal, state and local government approval for opening our business. We’ve complied with the regulations of the industry and are preparing our brewery for operation. Our hope is to open early in 2016.”

How you can get involved:

Wasser is making it fun and easy to get involved in this new approach to brewing by offering thank you packages for our donors. These include an invitation to be involved in the creation of a new brew with our staff, have your name added to a plaque on the donor appreciation wall, attend a beer making class or enjoy a two night bed and breakfast stay with dinner provided. The classes are small so you’ll get plenty of individual attention while you learn as they are limited to 12 participants per session. You’ll learn the process of beer making step by step.

Where to go for more information:

Their company is transparent and they are open to sharing all relevant information about their business plans and accountability. They also welcome donor questions. You can learn more about them and how to get involved with this exciting new green business on Kickstarter by visiting:

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