Lagana Cellars Hopes To Offer Wine In More States

Founded in 2013 by winemaker Jason Fox, Lagana Cellars has become a local favorite among the resident of Washington state. Produced in the Walla Walla Valley area, Lagana Cellars has mastered the art of fine wine making.

Started with white wine, Fox brought together the skills and resources of the community. Everyone in the community pulled together to make this winery a success. Now that Lagana Cellars has reached regional success, Fox wants to expand the reach of his company to a national level.

Lagana Cellars

Into The Future

In 2015, Fox has developed three vintages wines that include Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Roussanne just to name a few. This winery has really spent a lot of time developing their own vintages and many people are saying great things! But just like with any growth, there comes problems.

Alcohol is a heavily regulated product and each state has their own laws and regulations. Overcoming these laws and making their products legal to sell in other states has been an issue for Lagana Cellars. But with the help of the internet, Fox plans to be able to ship to more states in the near future.

You Can Contribute Via Kickstarter

If you are already a fan of Fox and his amazing wine collection and want to help, you can do so by donating on Kickstarter. Many of you who live in other states might have tried this amazing wine while in Washington state. But once you get home your access to this delicious wine is limited at best.

So why not help Lagana Cellars expand their reach so that their products can become available to every state in the union? This unique wine has changed the industry and to get your hands on it, why not help out with by giving a donation. For more information on this amazing project, please visit their Kickstarter page here:

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