Knowing about Dry Cleaner Contamination

One of the major issues today is a dry cleaner contamination as it causes risk to the environment as well as to our health. This is because these dry cleaners make use of perc, a solvent that causes direct impact on the lungs if it is inhaled.

Dry Cleaner Contamination

When you are exposed even a little to this solvent, it can cause nausea, dizziness and headaches. If you are exposed to perc for a long time, there are chances that your lungs and kidneys get totally damaged. This solvent is so harmful that if released to the atmosphere, it causes air pollution and contamination of our precious underground water.

Due to all these ill effects of perc, a number of green or environment-friendly dry cleaners have been launched. Green dry cleaners use ingredients that are environment-friendly unlike normal dry cleaners. They avoid the use of chemicals that can cause skin allergies. It is a great advantage that these green dry cleaners cost same as the normal ones.

The use of natural ingredients ensures that your curtains and clothes remain undamaged. You will be surprised that this method leaves a good smell on your clothes when compared to traditional cleaning method. This Eco-friendly method is tested and ensures that there is no harm to the environment or human health.

It is best that you go for an environment-friendly dry cleaning company every time. It can save the environment and your own health. This applies to any task that you carry out. So go for green dry cleaners and contribute to the prevention of dry cleaner contamination altogether.