Know The Facts About Enhancing Growth Hormone Naturally

The growth hormone or GH is a peptide hormone that is involved in tissue growth and repair. Along with the Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 or IGF-1, GH helps in regulating the metabolism and also helps in maintaining normal brain and cardiac functions.

It is this hormone that is secreted in fewer amounts when you age and shows age related symptoms like disordered sleep patterns, cognitive decline, fragile bones and decreased muscle mass and strength.

The high cost of subcutaneous injection involved with Human Recombinant GH Therapy has compelled people to opt for a more natural approach to maintain youthful health and vigor.

Resulting In Endogenous Production

Change in the lifestyle choices can optimize the endogenous production of GH. There are some safe methods to achieve this feat apart from using anti-aging agents like Sermorelin. Such methods include losing excess abdominal fat, avoiding carbohydrates with high-glycemic load, optimizing sleep habits, eating high-protein and low-carb snack before bedtime and exercising regularly.

Using targeted nutrients like CDP-choline, glutamine, arginine, glycine, ornithine and niacin can boost support endogenous GH secretion. All this will assist in the proper growth of muscles and recovery from any injury, fatigue all of which will eventually result in healthy and rejuvenating sleep. This will keep you energized and fresh as well as young.

Nutritional Strategies For Growth

To optimize growth and to reduce the rate of aging you can also avail some nutritional strategies that are effective in offering targeted support for enhancing endogenous production of GH.

These nutrients work directly by enhancing the GH release from the pituitary gland. Nutrients can also function indirectly by enhancing the efficacy of sleep and exercise which are the two primary activities to support GH secretion at its best.

Protein derived from animal sources provides essential amino acids that assist endogenous GH secretion and are also vital for stimulating muscle growth and recovery.

Oral intake of the amino acid in limited and controlled amount of 1 gram or less can also increase the release of GH. There are some strong evidence of such combination of arginine and ornithine that augments the increase lean body mass and strength.