Kickstarter Project of a Kids Book

Every once ina while we see a Kickstarter project that does not deal with technology. This is one of them. It is about a book that presents the story in an innovative way and is aimed at the kids.

A Boy Named Penguin & His Great Adventures

Autism Spectrum Disorder affects one child out of every 68 in America. The scientific community has not found any cure till now for this disorder. There is much need to raise awareness about Autism so that children affected by it can be understood and stopped from being alienated from society.

A Boy Named Penguin & His Great Adventures is book aimed at increasing the awareness level about Autism and its effects. The idea of the book was conceived by Aaron LaPedis whose son suffers from the Autism Spectrum.

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The Inspiration

Aaron would found his son calling himself a penguin frequently whenever he felt scared or nervous. With time he started putting on a cape and solving mysteries with his stuffed animals. This confidence that came with his “Penguin” alter ego inspired Aaron to share his son’s story with the world.

The Book

The book is presented in form of beautiful illustrations created by cartoonist and graphic designer Scott Johnson. The story is told from the perspective of 6 year old Logan who loves to go on adventures with his sidekick. He tackles the challenges of daily life with a smile and light heart. The story includes everyone who is unique and encourages them to share their uniqueness with the world.

Rewards for backing

This project should be backed for its social appeal and not just for the rewards, which are nonetheless quite amazing. A percentage of the profit earned from this project will be donated to Autism Society. Backers can contribute different amounts which entitle them free copies of the Ebook and hard cover edition. Higher contributions are rewarded with hand signed copies, books to donate and invitation to the kickoff event of the book release.

You can support this project and join them at:

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