Hospital Bag Checklist: Things To Keep In Mind

When you are only 8 months pregnant, have everything ready in front of you since you may go to the hospital at anytime. Women even have to visit the hospital when they are 8 months pregnant. Pack two distinct bags for the birth center or the hospital. One bag you will need in the labor room and the other one you will require after the baby’s birth.

Hospital Bag Checklist

What to pack in the labor bag?

Here is the checklist of items you need to have in your labor bag:

  • The birth plan is the foremost thing
  • A picture ID is required along with the insurance card and the hospital papers.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, do not forget to carry
  • Keep inside the bathrobe, socks, and slippers. Hospital will provide you night gown to be worn during the labor and afterwards, still you should carry your own. This will make you feel more comfortable. The gown must be loose and comfortable.
  • Other items that make you feel relaxed need to be carried. They may include some pillows, music, an image of someone you love. Carry any book you love to read.

A checklist of partner’s bag

You need to pack the partner’s bag and while doing so do not forget any of the following items:

  • Toiletries and grooming items
  • A video camera or camera having fully charged batteries. There needs to be someone in front of you to capture the huge moment of life. After the baby’s birth, you can film the special moments of life. One can also film during the labor or the baby’s birth if the hospital permits. It is great to carry the battery powered charger.
  • Some comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Some magazines and snacking items
  • A bathing suit since if you want to take bath during the labor, the partner must be there to give support

The post-delivery bag

There are several items you will need after the baby is born. Here is a hospital bag checklist of the same:

  • A fresh and new nightgown
  • The cell phone, the charger and a prepaid phone card, if needed
  • Carry snacks items since after the labor you will feel hungry. Carry dry fruits, nuts, crackers, etc. If possible, carry the bottle of non-alcoholic champagne.
  • Carry nursing bras and regular bras which are comfortable
  • Include several pairs of maternity pants in the bag. Carry your own roomy and cotton underpants.
  • It is important to carry a book having information on the newborn care. There will be nursing tips in the books which you can follow
  • If you have any other child, carry the photo of the child.
  • Do not forget your other kids. Carry gifts for them in the bag and surprise them when they come to see you.
  • A going home outfit is essential to carry. The outfit must be easy to get in.

Never carry jewelry item in the hospital bag, lot of valuables and cash. Avoid carrying the diapers and the breast pump. When you head towards the hospital in the car, always sit on the towel and not on the car seat directly.