All About Garage Door Spring Replacement and its Cost

Along with the normal wear and tear, there are several other factors which contribute to garage door spring damage.

This comprises of rust formation on the springs, improper installation of the garage door springs as well as lack of right maintenance.

Garage door spring problems

Just like other mechanical parts, the garage door springs also depreciate because of wear and tear.

With time, the steel of the spring weakens and may break. Usually, a normal garage door spring has a life expectancy of 10000 cycles of closing and opening which means around 5 to 7 years.

It is important to hire a professional to manage the replacement of the springs because the garage doors are very heavy and need professional handling.

So, always go for professional help rather than going for DIY methods.

Garage door spring replacement cost

A lot of times, repair of the garage door spring aren’t possible and the only option left is garage spring replacement

Replacing the garage door spring costs somewhere between $200 to $ 200 when done by the hands of a professional.

This comprises of the price of the spring which is priced between $5 to $30 for extension spring as well as $40 to $100 for torsion spring.

Then you also have to labor charges which depend on the company as well as region.

The price also depends on the kind of the door you have installed. Garage door spring replacement of tilt up doors cost lesser than the roll up garage doors.