From Hell to Salvation – One Girl’s Journey

A Powerful Testimony of Innocence Lost and Salvation Found

“From Hell to Salvation – One Girl’s Journey” is a true story, a biography of a famous Writer and Poet named Mrs. Roberta M.Heck. It is a breathtaking journey of an innocent girl from hell to Salvation. Mrs. Heck was born as a tenth child to a Christian family and had a tough childhood. The things did not get better after getting married, had a hard time compromising with her spouse. And then the positive vibes were attracted towards her and there came a turning point in her life. She revived herself and turned to a happy life full of hope and positivity.

From Hell to Salvation

The project as explained by the Kickstarter features the true story of a struggling youth who makes her way to a prosperous life. The movie serves as a powerful message for other people in the modern world who are going through some sort of hard times in life. The basic purpose of the storyline of “From Hell to Salvation – One Girl’s Journey” is to send a positive message to the masses not to lose hope. A firm belief in one’s abilities and most importantly, the Divine help is surely to make life better for all those out there who are going through a period of distress and disappointment.

Although the movie is yet to be released in the year 2016, it has created considerable hype among the masses as it has targeted the hot issue of the society. Today, the youth is heading towards disaster, things are being worsened by drugs mafia, the youngsters tend to get disappointed and lose hope in life. The increasing ratios of suicides are a clear evidence that we are heading towards disaster. In such a situation, there is a need of such aspiring movies which boost up the morale of our next generation.

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