Freestyle Scooter Pro Stand Project

The full name of the project on Kickstarter is World’ Ultimate Dual or Single Freestyle Scooter Pro Stand and wall shelf-hanger work. Sounds impressive, isn’t it? The project is a unique opportunity to organize your single and dual scooters and equip them with the reliable stands. We guarantee the most functional and well-designed support for your mini-bike!

Freestyle Scooter Pro

What is so special about our scooter stands? First, they use a strong wall-corner base without any annoying sliding on the wall. Second, the stand is available for 100,110 and 150 mm wheels which add to your convenience with any vehicle. Third, the owner can use the stand as a wall shelf. The instruction is extremely easy: all you need is to hang a pro scooter and razor scooter by handlebar gusseted down tube along with a pair of helmets and pads. The last but not the least is that you can stand up to three scooters without any additional support.

The description of the project on Kickstarter is full of illustrations, timeline schedule and clear explanations of practical usage. The founders of the project are professional scooter riders who are proud to share their achievements with the whole world. The special offer about Freestyle Scooter Project is that one can turn the simple stand into a personalized brand with his own name.

There are six options of donation depending on the complexity of the scooter stand. One can choose among pledging 5, 13, 19, 22, 38 and 45 dollars for the development of the project. For instance, choosing 19$ pledge option, you will receive the new Freestyle Pro Scooter Stand for dual scooters in Carbon Black and Dark Steel Color. Moreover, the item can be shipped to every place in the world. Support the Freestyle Scooter Project with small donation and enjoy the benefits of best scooter stands in the world!

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