Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra: Make Your Christmas Cake Look Unique

Even though, traditional candles are fine for a birthday cake, if you are keen on creating a special mood for your loved one, cake candelabra is an ideal choice. If you are looking for creating little ambiance to go with delicious cheesecake, Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra is an absolute pick.

It is a great way to celebrate the party in style. Fred and Friends products such as this cake candelabra create a stunning centerpiece and add glamour to a room. Celebrate the birthday in style with cake candelabra on your cake instead of using candles.

Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra

Features of Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra

  • comes with nine finely tuned candles fit perfectly
  • silver toned base
  • candles included
  • it’s a stunning centerpiece
  • perfect as the cake’s decoration
  • great gift idea

What I like about Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra is its posh look. It is handy to celebrate party in style. It’s a show topping, jaw dropping and birthday cake topping.

It features with nine finely tuned candles that fit perfectly. It has a silver tone base that creates a stunning centerpiece to the cake. With great cake candelabra, you can turn any party into a magnificent celebration.

It is a great bridal shower cake topper and gives lovely ambiance for the party.  It is so adorable on a birthday gift. Besides, it would make an excellent gift to add to a cake especially for a teen girl. The candles and candle holder are packed in a colorful gift box.

So, it is a handy gift item. The great cake candelabra are super cute and fun. If you are looking for retro look to your kitchen, using retro kitchen appliances is a handy way. You can use cake candelabra as a showpiece as well. What I don’t like about Fred & Friends Cake Candelabra is that the holes are very small and can hold extremely skinny candles that only fit in the holder.

One of the customer review reveals the product as even though it’s unique and cute, it’s cheap looking and not shiny as some of the pictures make it out to be. Another down side is that it is made of plastic and not metal. Overall, Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra is a big hit with a great visual appeal.