Enhance Your Height with Adjustable Shoe Lift

When you use an adjustable shoe lift, you can change your height according to your wish by replacing or removing several layers of flexible material. Such shoe lifts are very advantageous for both the user as well as the medical professionals.

These shoe lifts are particularly very useful when you have to make a transition from no lift to a prescribed height. The gradual change in elevation and height enables you to get accustomed to the change in height with less stress. According to your need and comfort level, the heights can be changed in small amounts.

The Varieties Available

Adjustable shoe lifts are available in two distinct varieties. One type comprises of three different layers of solid plastic foam or rubber while the other variant consists of multiple layers that are made of different layers of thin vinyl. The three layer adjustable lifts have each layer which is 3mm in height and made up of solid plastic, foam rubber or cork material.

Leather or any fabric covers the top of such shoe lifts. Used directly underfoot instead of beneath the insole, you can change your height in 3mm increments. These lifts reduce the vertical heel motion of your foot in the shoe and due to the top covering this can also be used in sandals and other shoes where the insoles are difficult to lift.

The Newest Kind  

The newest kind of shoe lift in the market can be used beneath the insole and is not compressible either. Therefore, both the shoe feels alike, and there is no need for any additional cushioning.

The one-millimeter firm plastic material used in such heel lifts allows it to mold itself according to the shape of the shoe making it more comfortable that the other variants. Providing best comfort to your feet you can also trim and customize the lift or the softness of the material used in its manufacture.