Donate to Dewayne and Katie and Their DC Mission

There are some out there who feel called to do something with their lives that will make a difference in regard to the world around them, and Dewayne and Katie are one such couple. These two individuals are hoping to reach the DC area with the love of God, and they need help in doing that.

When someone makes the decision to step out and do something big, that individual needs to know that they will be supported and that there will be people standing behind them who will have their back. Dewayne and Katie are in need of support as they set out to live on a mission in DC.

Dewayne and Katie are looking to go to DC and spread the word about God and all that he has to offer, and they are in need of support. This couple knows what they are doing and they are looking to raise support for their calling through Indiegogo Generosity.

This couple has a fundraiser going on, an attempt to garner the support that they need to do what they feel called to do. There will be a variety of expenses that this couple will deal with as they seek to change the world, and they need help in covering those expenses.

Those who are looking to partner with Dewayne and Katie as they head to DC and take on a brave mission can do so by giving to them in way of monetary donations. Individuals who are looking to support this couple can also do that through praying for them.

Dewayne and Katie are hoping to make a difference in regard to those that they interact with and in regard to the city of DC, and they can only do that through the help of those who choose to donate through Indiegogo Generosity.

You can support this project and join them at: