DNA Test while Pregnant

DNA test while pregnant is much easy and possible so that you can determine who the father of the coming child is.  The test procedure is alike before and after the child is born. Overall, two regular procedure is available through which you can judge about the paternity. According to health association, once the DNA sample is received, then within few days you can get the result and assure the father of the child before the child comes in this world.

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Types of test: The two procedures of DNA test while pregnant includes amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling. Amniocentesis starts from 14th or 15th week of a woman’s pregnancy. Doctor puts in a needle in the uterus through the abdomen and then obtains the sample of amniotic fluid available in the fetus. Fetal cells present in the fluid helps in DNA test. CVS or chorionic villus sampling is done on 10th week of pregnancy. With the help of the needle, doctor takes the sample of placenta tissue, and it contains the same DNA in the fetus and helps in parenting testing.

DNA test provide accurate result: These tests are very much accurate, and the father of the unborn child is determined very easily without much effort. Doctors recommend the test with the help of the aforesaid procedures and help in to ensure the father of the child. The cost of the test varies from country to country. However, the medical science field has fixed a general range of DNA test while pregnant for the convenience of the patients or pregnant mothers.

DNA test is the safest method: DNA test while pregnant is a safe method with the help of these two procedures. Next time, if you want to have DNA test, then take advantage of these tests and ensure the father of your child. It is wise to do the test from a reliable medical clinic to get positive and effective result. Consult with your doctor and understand all the safest method in the test procedure to get authentic outcome.

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