Different Health Benefits Of Using Shoe Lifts

Shoe lifts come in various forms and shapes and can be inserted into the hell section of your shoe or it can be an external lift that is built externally to the heel of the shoe. There are also portable shoe lifts available in the market which provides similar efficiency as the inserted ones.

Portable shoe lift benefit is that you can shuffle it and insert in any shoe that you currently have that has no shoe inserts already built in it. The height of the shoe inserts usually rages from 1 mm to 10 mm in height though you get higher shoe lifts that are built outside and into the sole of the shoe and are usually used for therapeutic purposes.

Various Problems Solved

The shoe inserts can solve various problems in the feet. Any leg length discrepancy can be adjusted with such shoe inserts which in turn reduces back and knee pain along with pain in the hips and legs. Such pain is a caused as the longer leg has to carry more weight and in case there is an impact has to withstand more force.

On the other hand the shorter leg strikes the floor differently every time it is placed on the floor. Such inserts will align the legs, allowing partial normalization to the pelvis and provide comfort to the spine.

The Various Health Benefits

The other health benefits obtained using shoe lifts are rectifying postural imbalance, Achilles tendonitis and spinal scoliosis. It can also provide relief from arthritis which causes foot and joint pain, lower back pain forcing spinal change.

For sporting correct actions, prosthetic adjustments and post-stroke and post-surgical rehabilitation foot inserts can be of great help. Apart from that it also helps in the improvement in oxygen consumption and in cases of reduced first toe extension and other biomechanical issues.