The Right Way to Choose Bridesmaid Robes

Bridal robes aren’t just a casual way to protect your clothes, make up and hairdo when you and your bridesmaids are getting ready for the D-day.

These bridal robes make you look super cute and beautiful in marriage pictures and serve as a perfect memento or thank you gift that you present to your sisters and closest friends.

Here are some important things to consider when choosing your bridesmaid robes:

The robe style

You have so many kinds of options for bridal party like floral robes, satin robe, lace robes, monogrammed robes, satin lace robes, kimono satin robes etc. think of the wedding morning pictures, your theme, color scheme and what fits in best with your wedding theme overall.

If you are going for a satin robe, then think what color will it be and how will it look? It is advisable to go for a subtle design and unique color that your bridal party doesn’t feel silly wearing even after the wedding day.

Think about the hair colors and skin tone of your brides party, the season when you marriage is happening and the place. Take a glimpse of how the robe will look in photographs.

Will they look good in same color robes or you desire different colors for each of your bridesmaid. You can choose for one color for mother of the bride and maid of honor and a different one for the other bridesmaids.

Be comfy when getting ready

Every bridesmaid is actually of different sizes and body type and as on wedding day, the getting ready part is the most time consuming one. It is a very hectic and busy day not just for the bride but for the bridesmaid team too. Thus, comfort and style both are important.

For instance, if you go for jersey lace robes, they are super soft, comfortable and easy to don. If you go for Kimono satin robes, they are quick to be worn and easily carried off.

If you have small and tall members in your bridal party, then ensure each of the robes fit them well. If the robes are very short, then you will need them wear something underneath like yoga pants which may change the look of the pictures taken ahead.

Considering the budget of your wedding is important

Depending on what kind of wedding you are opting for, consider this point that you have to pay for the robes as a gift to your bridesmaid. Thus, they are also a part of your wedding budget.

If you have a large wedding party, then it’s fine. But, if you have a limited budget for your bridal party, then you should consider the robes price before ordering.

Turnaround and delivery schedule

A very important point when getting bridesmaids robes for bridal party ready is the delivery time. If you have planned for a customized robe, then enquire about their turnaround time and delivery schedule.

Even if you are not going for customized robes, make sure you get the dressed altered and fitted before your bridal party. It is advisable that you leave yourself with a little more time, in case any mishap or unforeseen circumstances occur amidst.

Robe accessories

It is important to think of the accessories you will be teaming up with the robes in advance. In case your bridesmaid doesn’t have matched accessories or are missing their footwear! According to the bridal party photos, accessorize your bridesmaids.

Whatever footwear and the kind of jewelry they should be wearing, they need to put up with the bridesmaid robe you have ordered. So, plan accordingly and then purchase bridesmaid robes for a perfect bridal party.