Birthing Pads For Controlling Blood Leakage At Its Best

Due to some drastic hormonal changes during pregnancy, women will always need the help of maternity pads. The menstrual cycle comes to a standstill when a woman is pregnant. So, just after giving birth to the little infant, there might be an unwanted surge of blood. Normal sanitary napkins might not always work, as the flow of blood seems unstoppable at some point of time.


So, specially designed maternity birthing pads are what you need, during such times. These pads are designed with high absorbent power, which helps in protecting your floor and furnishing items. There is a high absorbent level, which helps in adding more protection of the items. So, once wore, the pads are likely to last for long hours, offering you with maximum wet protection.

Bigger ones are better

Well, it is always mandatory to look for the bigger pads. The bigger their sizes are; the better! These pads are extremely soft, and will not cost you much. And as these are bigger in size, therefore; the products are said to last long. In case, you have undergone C-section, then blood loss seems to be quite a common issue. Maximum women of C-section face the same challenge, like you. So, bulky pads will be a great choice for maximum women.

Other disposable pads available

Reputed online store, namely La Bassine, will provide you with top-notch quality birthing pads, also defined as best disposable pads. Once used, you cannot wash and reuse the products, because that proves to be quite unhygienic. Here, the pads are available in a complete set of 6. Each one is of larger size, to cover maximum hours. These are clinically tested for protecting your floor and furnishing items. Moreover, the body of these pads is so soft, that it will prevent rash formation on your butts. You can add the products to the basket, for later purchase too.

Specialized features of disposable pads

Well, you have high absorbency level, as an added feature of birthing pads. As mothers get to bleed a lot after giving birth, so pads with large absorbent power, are what you need. These pads are designed for providing maximum protection for sofas and beds. This will again provide maximum comfort to your body. You will not feel itchy at all, as these products are designed using the cotton base for providing ultimate comfort. These pads, further, help in absorbing leakages along with waterproof backing. It will add total protection, with no blood spots on the carpet!

Best way to protect from infections

Previously, new moms used tampons after their first childbirth. This is not quite safe and can cause infections. And if not treated properly, these infections might give rise to more pain and problem. So, using disposable pads in place of tampons can act as a great relief, and without any fear of infection. As these are disposable products, so you don’t have to wash it for a second use. When the pads are full of blood, you can easily roll it and place it inside your bathroom bin. These are larger in size to cover your entire vaginal area. So, leakage from the sides is out of the question.

Hygiene and comfort are mandatory

Comfort and hygiene are considered to be two major features to look out for while choosing disposable pads. You are advised to replace your pads more often, to stay fresh and hygienically safe. If you stick to your old pads for long, then it might give rise to rashes and bacterial formation. Avoid using soap in those sensitive areas, as soaps comprise of harsh chemicals. Plain water will work just fine to clean the place before changing to another new pad.

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