Birth Complication Lead To Zoloft Compensation

Zoloft is a popular anti-depressant medication that has received green signal to treat people suffering of depression. Not just depression, but the drug is also helpful in treating people’s obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety. Though the drug did not warned pregnant woman about it and hadn’t any warnings on the drug stating to stay away from it.  Zoloft has since many years now alleged to different types of malformations and birth defects.

Zoloft CompensationOver more than three hundred families is now seeking Zoloft compensation for the injuries and birth defects that has developed in their children resulting from using Zoloft drug. These birth defects in children can even claim their lives.

Since, the drug didn’t carry any precise instruction about pregnancy; the mothers who have been taking Zoloft have now jeopardized the health of her unborn baby as there are many health problems associated with Zoloft. All these resulted into filing numerous cases to get Zoloft compensation.

It was the most alarming part that people were filing for Zoloft compensation as the drug is prescribed by the doctors to the pregnant women who are coping with depression and anxiety problems. Though, the physicians are not blamed since there were no warning texts issued on it by its manufacturer and FDA. If you are amongst those who have suffered the annoying consequences of this antidepressant drug then you are entitled to have Zoloft compensation.

There are lot of cases reported/filed against the drug as the newborns were badly affected having serious heart and lung conditions. Since, surgery on the newborn was out of question, and making things more complicated some of the cases have turned out to be fatal.

Carelessness of authorities have made the condition miserable thus, under this condition you can file a lawsuit, asking compensation for emotional hassles that you have sustained inclusive hospitalization, medical expenses and the treatment.  On a safer note, a pregnant woman should take precautions so that the health and life of the unborn is not put to jeopardize.