Best Kids GPS Watch with WIFI: Stop worrying about where your children are

I am bit late to pick my kids from school!

My child has soccer practice, but I have appointment with doctor at same time. I am waiting out of school but my child still not show up.

My little girl has a field trip; I am so scared to send her alone. And many other things in our mind, it is all about our kids.

So why don’t we give them a mobile phone?

Actually I thought of giving them a mobile but I am worried that they may communicate with strangers, or they access the internet without in certain way, or it can be stolen and beside that I found the monthly subscription is expensive.

Always there is war in mind about how to protect my kids.

I heard about GPS watches and once I tried one, I paid over $190 for that watch.

But many times I can’t locate my child when he is inside a class room or friend house and that made me more scared especially that watch has no calling feature also.

Then I see this Ad on facebook from company called FamGuards

Actually their name took my attention, so I visited their facebook page and found that they are offering GPS watches but they added a wifi location method to their watch beside the GPS locator so I can locate my indoor too.

Their watch has chat feature and calling feature so again I was scared that my child can communicate with strangers, but when I read more I found that this watch is programmed to communicate only the numbers that stored on parents mobile App, which means no stranger.

When I compared all its features with the price that they offering, I got shocked as their price start from $58 and they had a discount on that time of 20%.

They have 30 days return policy and 90 days warranty. So I thought to give it a try for just $46

I bought this watch and I fall in love with it, it has a user guide that goes in details of the details, I learned each and everything about how to use my App & watch.

I understand that it will not be my child guardian but it really gave me so much peace of mind.