Symbolism in jewelry making them designer and stylish

Symbolism in jewelry doesn’t just lie in abstract shapes. It also exists in traditional and identifiable profiles. For example, the dragon, popularized by many fantasy stories, is not only a creature of fire, but a being of the earth, perhaps representing constancy and reliability. The fact that another name for raising power was to invoke the eye of the dragon certainly gives them shape an extra zing.

Gold Shamrock Earrings

Jewelry is so much more than “Bling”. It is silent communication between you and the viewer, telling them things about you and making you prettier just by being on you. Here are a few examples of some jewelry with some very specific meanings.

The cat is another often used shape in jewelry. Although not worshipped in Celtic myth as the feline was in Egyptian myth, they still held an important position. They often hold the same positions as guardian angels and demons in Judeo Christianity. The Celtic Cerberus [guardian dog of the underworld] is a cat instead, cementing the idea of a greater force guarding you.

Shamrock is another great example of celtic or symbolic jewelry which represents Irish worldwide. Shamrock is a symbol which is associated with Irish people from the very past and it is a great idea to gift jewelry made of these designs to them. Women love wearing the jewelry such as gold shamrock earrings which makes them even more beautiful.

This is just a brief example of what you could be wearing around your neck right at this very moment. Don’t forget, there are many other ways of interpreting it and many other theologies and ideologies have their own ideas of what jewelry symbolizes.